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Lidar imagery of Mahendrapvarta. Source: Chevance et al, Antiquity

via Antquity, 15 October 2019: New paper in Antiquity about the archaeological remains on Phnom Kulen which were revealed through Lidar. The article is also Open Access! Links to news articles at the end of the post.

Inscriptional evidence suggests that the Phnom Kulen plateau to the north-east of Angkor in Cambodia was the location of Mahendraparvata—an early Angkorian capital city and one of the first capitals of the Khmer Empire (ninth to fifteenth centuries AD). To date, however, archaeological evidence has been limited to a scatter of small and apparently isolated shrines. Here, the authors combine airborne laser scanning with ground-based survey to define an extended urban network dating from the ninth century AD,

Source: Mahendraparvata: an early Angkor-period capital defined through airborne laser scanning at Phnom Kulen | Antiquity | Cambridge Core

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