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Michael Coe. Source: Washington Post 20190930

via the Washington Post, 30 Sep 2019: Michael Coe is more known as a Mayanist, but he has researched Angkor and the Khmer civilisation and even written a couple of books on the subject.

Michael D. Coe, an archaeologist and anthropologist who shined a light on ancient Mesoamerican civilizations, leading excavations in Guatemala and Mexico, helping decode Maya writing and art, and writing best-selling books that galvanized public interest in his field, died Sept. 25 at a hospital in New Haven, Conn. He was 90.

Coming of age in an era before most scholars were siloed in narrow academic disciplines, his work ranged far beyond the Maya: He was a scholar of Angkor Wat and the Khmer civilization in Southeast Asia, excavated a colonial-era fort near a farm he owned in the Berkshires of Massachusetts, and became a historian of fly-fishing, a hobby he pursued obsessively from Labrador to Siberia.

Source: Michael Coe, influential archaeologist and Maya scholar, dies at 90 – The Washington Post

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