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Source: Vientiane Times, 20190903

via Vientiane Times/ANN, 03 Sep 2019: South Korean work in Wat Phu.

Laos and South Korea’s bilateral cooperation in the field of cultural heritage preservation started over five years ago and is steadily blossoming.

This achievement not only strengthens the generous friendship and mutual understanding between the two peoples, but also safeguards the common global heritage as well as enhancing tourism promotion at the international level.

Korea is among the potential partners to support the preservation of Laos’ tangible and intangible cultural heritage.

During past years Korean Official Development Assistance (ODA) has provided an important contribution through various platforms including human resources capacity building, networking, technical training, workshops and the provision of heavy equipment for monumental restoration.

Source: South Korea’s contribution to preservation of Laos’ cultural heritage | ANN

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