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Gardeners of Angkor Source: BBC/The Daily Mail 20190807

via The Daily Mail, 07 Aug 2019: Focusing on a recent episode of the BBC series Sacred Wonders about the gardeners who scale the Angkor monuments to clear the vegetation before they cause permanent damage.

A team of gardeners risked their lives, climbing up ladders to reach the top of a tower at the Angkor Wat temple in Cambodia, in order to cut away sapling trees – which could destroy the ancient temple.

Lune Lun, the head gardener, explained on tonight’s BBC’s Sacred Wonders that if the roots of the sapling trees grow any more then they could force one of the towers to crash down.

Many, including Lune, believe that spirits live in the temple and if the towers are damaged then the spirits will leave forever.

The gardeners go on to climb the towers, barefoot and without ropes, in order to cut down away the leaves and weeds – but one fatal slip could have been life threatening.

Source: Gardeners risk their lives as they climb a temple in Cambodia to remove the roots of sapling trees  | Daily Mail Online

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