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Participants having a closer look at some bone fossils found by caving enthusiasts in Gunung Rapat, Ipoh. Source: The Star, 20190809

via The Star, 09 August 2019: Not exactly archaeology, but related. Numerous fossil finds identified in Perak, Malaysia.

About 30 fossilised bone fragments were found by caving enthusiasts at a cave in Gunung Rapat, Ipoh.

The bones are believed to be from large wild cattle, wild boar, deer and porcupine.

These were also checked by vertebrate paleontologist Lim Tze Tshen, who said the fossils were most likely ancient.

“I could not tell exactly how old the fossils were.

“These could be about 10,000 years old based on my experience and researches conducted in Selangor and Perak,” he said.

Lim was invited by Kinta Valley Watch, a non-governmental organisation comprising caving enthusiasts, to give a talk on the importance of conserving limestone hills and its caves at Gunung Lanno in Simpang Pulai.

Source: Ancient fossils cause for research | The Star Online

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