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Cham Tower excavation in Phu Yen Province. Source: Vietnam+ 20190712

via Vietnam+, 12 July 2019: Champa artifacts discovered in Vietnam’s Phu Yen province.

Archaeologists from the Vietnam Institute of Archaeology have discovered antiques and architectural works of Champa culture dating back to the fourth century in Dong Mieu area in Phu Hoa district in the south-central coastal province of Phu Yen.

Director of the Phu Yen Museum Le The Vinh on July 11 told reporters from the Vietnam News Agency that the objects include a brick “lingam” (a representation of the Hindu deity, Shiva, used for worship) and a stone “yoni” (a symbol of the goddess of Shakti, literally “origin” or “source” or “womb”).

Source: Champa culture antiques uncovered in Phu Yen province | Vietnam+ (VietnamPlus)

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