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Borobudur. Source: ASEAN Post, 20190628

via the ASEAN Post, 28 June 2019: 38 Unesco World Heritage Sites in ASEAN with an additional 83 in the tentative list.

There are 38 heritage sites in Southeast Asia that have been gazetted by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation (UNESCO) as World Heritage Sites (WHS). The WHS is a collection of buildings, landmarks and locations that have been preserved for their special cultural or physical significance.

The program has a unique global reach, showcasing culturally rich and ancient sites as well as heritage towns and natural parks for the world to admire. To be named a WHS, countries must first sign the World Heritage Convention before they can pledge their respective natural and cultural heritage sites for inclusion in the UNESCO WHS list. The sites will initially be added to a tentative list for review and approval, before submission for eventual nomination.

Source: ASEAN wants more World Heritage Sites | The ASEAN Post

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