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Bone remains recovered from the Ba Be Mountains in Vietnam. Source: VN Express 20190618

via VN Express, 18 June 2019: Prehistoric artefacts discovered in Vietnam’s Bac Kan Province.

Nearly 100 relics have been discovered inside caves in the Ba Be limestone mountain range in Bac Kan Province.

Members of the Vietnam Archaeological Institute and the Bac Kan Museum have found that many places in the province’s Ba Be District have traces of human presence dating back 8,000-9,000 years.

Trinh Nang Chung, head of the research team, said the overall study has determined that the relics are from the Hoa Binh Culture of the New Stone Age (Neolithic Era).

In Puong Cave, a part of the Ba Be National Park, the team dug and explored a five-meter-square lake where they found vestiges of two old kitchens. The team has not detected any grave remains at the sites, so far.

Source: Archaeologists discover prehistoric relics inside northern Vietnam caves – VnExpress International

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