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Bulethi Pagoda. Stock photos from Shutterstock / Akarat Phasura
Bulethi Pagoda. Stock photos from Shutterstock / Akarat Phasura

via Curbed, 02 June 2019: A feature on 3D laser scanning to record heritage sites around the world, with a special mention to CyArk and their work in Bagan.

In 2016, CyArk worked with teams in Myanmar to scan more than 2,000 structures in Bagan, a valley of ancient Buddhist temples of varying levels of preservation and decay. Five months after teams finished recording data, a 7.2 magnitude quake shook the region, causing significant damage to many of the structures.

Now, CyArk, which has been closely involved in ongoing restoration work, has before-and-after scans to help with damage assessment and inform the restoration process. They don’t need to reply on the photographic skill of whomever documented a temple one day, or the loose, handwritten records and measurements taken decades before.

Source: Historic preservation: How laser scanning can save historic sites – Curbed

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