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Source: Vietnam Net 20190405
Source: Vietnam Net 20190405

via Viet Nam Net, 05 April 2019: Results from a Russian-Vietnamese investigation of the An Khe site in Gia Lai province.

Over 1,000 stone objects and 600 pieces of meteorite dating back 800,000 years have been unearthed at archaeological sites in An Khe, the central highlands province of Gia Lai.

The results of the dig were announced at an international workshop gathering 200 international scholars held at the site at the end of March.

Over the past five years, archaeologists from the Viet Nam Archaeology Institute and Russia Science Academy have discovered 24 Paleolithic sites, four of which have been excavated, including Go Da, Roc Tung 1, Roc Tung 4 and Roc Tung 7.

Russian experts brought the meteorite home and conducted further analysis. They found that the meteorite samples gathered at the Go Da site (An Binh Ward) were around 806,000 years old and samples from Roc Tung 1 dated back 782,000 years.

Source: Evidence of early humans unearthed – News VietNamNet

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