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Digitized Maranao manuscripts. Source: GMA Online, 20190323
Digitized Maranao manuscripts. Source: GMA Online, 20190323

via GMA Online, 23 Mar 2019: Digitization project of the written records of the Maranao people of Southern Philippines.

The Grupo Kalinangan, Inc. (GKI) has digitized more than 10,000 pages of centuries-old manuscripts of Maranao Jawi and Kirim to preserve the heritage of the Maranao people, a project that began in May 2018.

Digitized copies of the manuscripts that were collected from Marawi city and around the towns of Lanao del Sur, contain genealogies of prominent families, religious books, treatises, epics and short stories that highlight some of the most important events in the history of the Maranao people.

Source: Maranao manuscripts digitized to preserve precious heritage | Lifestyle | GMA News Online

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