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Cannon unearthed from Fort Cornwallis. Source: The Star, 20190127

via The Star, 27 January 2019: Another cannon has been unearthed in Fort Cornwallis in Georgetown, Penang. Two were previously discovered last year.

An excavation at Fort Cornwallis has unearthed another cannon and a mortar.

The two large guns were discovered during archaeological excavation work overseen by Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM) and Jabatan Warisan Negara.

Penang chief archaeologist Datuk Dr Mokhtar Saidin said the two guns were in addition to the twin cannons buried 1.2m below ground next to Fort Cornwallis discovered in February last year.

Source: Fort Cornwallis dig unearths another cannon and mortar – Nation | The Star Online

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