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Source: Mrauk-U Archaeological site Facebook group

via The Irrawaddy, 19 October 2018: Another tragic news of vandalism, this time from Mrauk-U. A dozen statues from Laymyethnar Pagoda were smashed by unknown vandals.

Source: Mrauk-U Archaeological site Facebook group

Source: Mrauk-U Archaeological site Facebook group

Authorities and conservationists in Rakhine State suspect local vandals for the damage of nearly a dozen Buddha images inside a 14th century temple Wednesday night in the ancient Arakanese royal capital of Mrauk-U.

Eleven of 28 Buddha images inside Sin Cha Seik Ward’s Lay Myat Hnar Temple were damaged, said Daw Khin Than, who chairs a government-supported conservation group in Mrauk-U.

From the 15th to 19th centuries Mrauk-U was the seat of a succession of Arakanese kings who at their height controlled much of modern-day western Myanmar, including Rakhine State, and eastern Bangladesh. Much of the ancient city remains well preserved and some 380 historic temples are scattered among the lush hills of northern Rakhine.

Source: Nearly a Dozen Buddha Images Damaged Inside Ancient Rakhine Temple

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