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via Free Malaysia Today 20181009

via Free Malaysia Today, 09 October 2018: A new museum is planned for the Bujang Valley complex.

via Free Malaysia Today 20181009

via Free Malaysia Today 20181009

The government is looking to pique world interest in the Bujang Valley and Sungai Batu, collectively known as “Kedah Tua”, by building a new museum showcasing findings there over the years.

Deputy Tourism and Culture Minister Muhammad Bakhtiar Wan Chik said plans were being made for an “archaeotourism” site at Kedah Tua which extends from Lembah Bujang to Sungai Batu up to Penang’s mainland border of Guar Kepah, near Penaga, for international visitors.

Source: New museum planned to showcase finds in Bujang Valley, Sungai Batu | Free Malaysia Today

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