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Image by Guillaume Paumier

Readers may be interested in this conference happening in Brisbane next June. No call for papers yet, but you can register your interest in the website below.

Image by Guillaume Paumier

Image by Guillaume Paumier

The Asia Pacific Conference on Human Evolution (APCHE) aims to bring together experts working on all aspects of biological evolution of humans in the broader Asian and Pacific regions

Participants will include active researchers in palaeoanthropology, biological anthropology, genomics and palaeogenomics, primatology, as well as all disciplines engaged in understanding the environmental and site-specific context of human evolution across Asia and Australasia, including taphonomy, geochronology, palaeoecology, and geoarchaeology.

This conference will foster international collaborations between researchers actively engaged in scientific analyses and exploration in Asia and the Pacific, and will highlight the exciting developments and discoveries that are rewriting our understanding of how and when humans left Africa and expanded into new lands to the east.

Source: Asia Pacific Conference on Human Evolution

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