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via Phnom Penh Post, 16 March 2018:

When the man passed away, he had not yet reached 50.

He belonged to a tribe that had settled near the Sangker River in Battambang province, likely cultivating the fields and raising animals. On the side, they hunted for boars, and even turtles, one of which would be laid in his grave to accompany him to his next life. Alongside pottery, jewellery and bangles, he would survive in fossilised form until thousands of years later when he would be discovered by a team of archaeologists in Cambodia.

One of these archaeologists is Heng Sophady, deputy director general for Cultural Heritage at the Ministry of Culture and Fine Arts, who has devoted his life to uncovering Cambodia’s ancient past. For almost 10 years, he and his French-Cambodian team have been digging in Laang Spean cave in Battambang’s Ratanak Mondol district, making discoveries like the man’s grave, which provide evidence of the earliest known civilisations in Cambodia.

Source: Peeling back layers of prehistory in Battambang

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  1. Dear Sir

    I’m a freelance picture researcher working on a book entitled An Illustrated History of Cambodia, by Philip Coggan. I am interested in using a picture of Laang Spean, such as the one that appears in this article. Would you be able to share a hi-res version of this with me for this purpose and let me know who to credit?

    Kind regards,

    Kate Michell

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