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A new report published in the Nalanda Sriwiaya Centre Archaeology Report series

Pinle (Maingmaw): Research at an Ancient Pyu City, Myanmar by Myo Nyunt and Kyaw Myo Win

The combined Reports of Excavation at Pinle (Maingmaw) Ancient City highlights the rich heritage of this lesser-known site. Pinle occupies a strategic location bridging the Central Plain of Myanmar and trade routes to Yunnan. Two excavation campaigns and a wider area survey trip are highlighted in the following report. The excavation of a structure from Mound No. 15 revealed one of the finest examples of the complex brick architecture of the first millennium CE Pyu cultures. Various shapes of bricks were adeptly used to create a stepped profile for a stupa mounted on a rectilinear platform. The second excavation identified brick and wall features that were part of a rectilinear entry gate. This particular gate is distinct from those found at other Pyu cities such as Halin, Beikthano, and Sri Ksetra.

Source: NSC Archaeological Reports – ISEAS-Yusof Ishak Institute

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