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From the Phnom Penh Post, 7 April 2017

Despite decades of efforts to preserve the Kingdom’s historic manuscripts, the majority have disappeared – lost to neglect, war and now a black market catering to tourists In Russian Market, among the variety of trinkets hawked to tourists as souvenirs, are items whose cultural importance seems to have gone unnoticed by buyers, vendors and indifferent law enforcement.

Source: A ‘crime’ against local history: Cambodia’s lost manuscripts, Post Weekend, Phnom Penh Post

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One Reply to “Cambodia’s palm leaf manuscripts being lost to neglect and looting”

  1. I purchased a Cambodia Buddhist Sacred Temple palm leaf manuscript. It’s in quite nice condition,appears to be complete. The leaves are in good condition and the writing is very clear. It has a very old sticker on it stating whose collection it is from.

    How do I find out more about it? I can send photos, if you would like.
    Thank you,
    Leslie Burke

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