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Source: AsiaOne 20150812

We don’t get much archaeology news from Brunei, so this piece is a treat: the country has opened an archaeological park that shows the history and archaeology of the Kota Batu site, the site of a 700-year-old settlement.

Source: AsiaOne 20150812

Source: AsiaOne 20150812

700-year-old artefacts on display at Brunei’s new archaeological park
ANN, via, 12 August 2015

Members of the public can now learn about the history of 700-year-old artefacts that were left behind from the ancient city of Kota Batu at the newly-launched Archaeological Park.

The 120-acre park has an exhibition that showcases ancient objects found at Kota Batu archaeological site around 1950.

The exhibited artefacts included stone carvings, pottery, ceramics and ancient coins. A 2.9km walkway was also built at the park for sightseeing.

Full story here.

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