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A special exhibition themed on the lotus is held at the Vietnamese Museum of History in Hanoi, featuring the flower and its significance to Vietnamese culture from past to present.

Gold lotus carved box. Source: Viet Nam Net 201500513

Gold lotus carved box. Source: Viet Nam Net 201500513

Yellow lotus collection of Hue royal antiquities
Viet Nam Net, 13 May 2015

The Vietnam National Museum of History will launch a special exhibition themed “Lotus and antiquities” on May 14 in Hanoi with the aim of introducing local and international visitors to the beauty and meaning of the lotus flower in the Vietnamese culture.

The event will feature around 100 ancient objects dating back from 7th century to the Nguyen dynasty (1802-1945).

In the category “Lotus in royal arts of the Nguyen dynasty”, visitors will have a chance to view objects and delicacies used by kings and royal family members, including those made from jade, precious metals and ivory.

The museum will also present a collection from the “Lotus in the Buddhist arts, practice and ritual items” featuring objects from the 11th century.

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