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The seasonal rain that falls on the My Son temples are slowly undermining its foundations, and the temple authority it currently able to effect piecemeal repairs to them.

The B3 Tower of the My Son Sanctuary

My Son tower complex falling into disrepair
Viet Nam Net, 04 December 2014

Fifteen years after it was recognised as a World Heritage site by UNESCO, the My Son Sanctuary continues to languish at the mercy of the elements, and a breakthrough solution to preserve its structures still eludes authorities.

The rainy season is the worst time for local authorities tasked with protecting the complex of Hinduism-influenced temple towers built between the fourth and 13th centuries.

The complex, which is located in the mountainous border district of Duy Xuyen in Quang Nam Province, central Viet Nam, consists of dozens of towers that are vestiges of a culture deeply influenced by Indian spiritual traditions, particularly Hinduism.

Of the 70 towers in the complex when the French archaeologists discovered it, 20 are severely dilapidated.

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