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Recent floods at the My Son world heritage site in Central Vietnam have caused cracks to appear in some of the temples, with no remedy in sight.

The My Son Sanctuary. Source: Thanh Niein News 20141030

The My Son Sanctuary. Source: Thanh Niein News 20141030

Vietnam’s world heritage site collapsing
Thanh Nien News, 30 October 2014

The management board of My Son Relic has sounded alarms about serious cracks and sinkage at the cluster of ancient Hindu temples built during the 4th century in central Vietnam.

“Urgent action is needed to protect the B3 and B5 temples which are in very critical condition,” the agency’s deputy director Nguyen Cong Khiet said.

A recent inspection found other temples are also sinking and the agency is studying the situation to generate a conservation plan, he said.

Khiet said the two temple groups have suffered significant damage from rain and flooding, particularly due to underground water from the The stream.

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