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This week I am reporting from Quang Ngai City in Central Vietnam, for the Southeast Asian underwater archaeology conference. The conference started today with a field trip to the Ly Son Islands to look at some of the local heritage sites.

Yesterday I attended the opening ceremony of an exhibition at the Quang Ngai Museum featuring artefacts found in the waters of central Vietnam.

I will be live tweeting the conference proceedings as it unfolds tomorrow. Follow me on Twitter to read about it, and follow the hashtag #uavn2014.

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One Reply to “In Vietnam for the Underwater Archaeology conference”

  1. Amazing.

    I am Spanish, Chinese & Bisaya(Central Philippine), and very proud of my Heritage.

    Always researching on-line.

    Cultural Sociology, Cultural Anthropology, reading about South-East Asian & South-East Asia-Pacific archeological findings, it’s my passion.

    My next visit. -Vietnam.

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