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Archaeologists excavate the remains of a Cham tower near Da Nang.

Source: Viet Nam News 20140802

Source: Viet Nam News 20140802

Archaeologists unearth ruins of Cham tower
Viet Nam News, 02 August 2014

Three foundations of a Cham tower complex have been unearthed four weeks ago by a team of archaeologists in Qua Giang Village, Hoa Vang District, Da Nang City.

The tower is the second largest excavated in the central city since another was unveiled in Phong Le village two years ago. It was built to honour the Champa King between the fourth and 13th centuries.

The team has found bricks, ceramic fragments and statues, including a large head.

Team leader Nguyen Chieu, a lecturer at Ha Noi’s University of Social Sciences and Humanities, yesterday said two foundations were rebuilt using material from collapsed towers.

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