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Myanmar moves to restrict construction within the newly-listed Pyu Cities World Heritage Site zone in order to protect them.

Pyu Cities Monument Zone marker. Source: The Irrawady 2014072

Pyu Cities Monument Zone marker. Source: The Irrawady 20140724

Burma’s Culture Ministry Vows to Limit Building in Pyu Cities
The Irrawady, 24 July 2014

Burma’s Ministry of Culture says it will restrict construction in heritage zones to preserve the three ancient cities recently listed as Unesco World Heritage Sites and other culturally important cites in the country.

On June 22, the Unesco World Heritage Committee conferred Burma’s first World Heritage listings on the ancient Pyu cities of Sri Ksetra, Halin and Beikthano, which are located in Burma’s central Dry Zone and feature the walled remains of sites built by the now-extinct Pyu people from the first to ninth centuries AD.

“Within world heritage sites, the setting up of big columns is not allowed. So, new buildings and land use in the ancient Pyu cities, and in other cultural heritage regions like Bagan that are intended to go on the World Heritage list, must be restricted,” Deputy Minister of Culture Than Swe told The Irrawaddy.

Full story here.

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