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The fossil of a large unknown animal, approximately 800,000 yeas old, has been uncovered in the Philippines.

Ancient fossils found in Tabuk
Manila Standard Today, 12 July 2014

A team of local and foreign archaeologists have dug up on the side of a hill in this northern Philippines city a vertebrae of a giant and unknown animal, which was estimated to have existed about 800,000 years ago, a member of the research team said on Friday.

Thomas Inggico, a paleontologist of the University of the Philippines- Archaeological Studies Program (UP-ASP), described the vertebrae unearthed at Elephant Hill archaeological site in San Pedro, Rizal as the remains of an animal bigger than a carabao but “it does not belong to an elephant.”

“We need more research to determine this animal,” Inggico said.

Full story here.

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