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The 38th World Heritage Committee meeting is wrapping up in Doha, and this year we have inscribed the first World Heritage site for Myanmar: The Pyu cities of Halin, Sri Ksetra and Beikthano.

Ruins of Sri Ksetra. Source: The Irrawaddy 20140623

Ruins of Sri Ksetra. Source: The Irrawaddy 20140623

Pyu Ancient Cities
Unesco World Heritage List

Pyu Cities Snag Burma’s First Unesco World Heritage Listing
The Irrawaddy, 23 June 2014

Myanmar welcomes ancient cities entry on World Heritage list
AFP, via Channel NewsAsia, 24 June 2014

Pyu Ancient Cities includes the remains of three brick, walled and moated cities of Halin, Beikthano and Sri Ksetra located in vast irrigated landscapes in the dry zone of the Ayeyarwady (Irrawaddy) River basin. They reflect the Pyu Kingdoms that flourished for over 1,000 years between 200 B.C and 900 A.D. The three cities are partly excavated archaeological sites. Remains include excavated palace citadels, burial grounds and early industrial production sites, as well as monumental brick Buddhist stupas, partly standing walls and water management features – some still in use – that underpinned the organized intensive agriculture.

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