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Source: The Star 20140502

‪With all the recent attention on Pulau Nangka in Malacca, this travel feature shows some of the more historic architectural features in the ancient city of Malacca itself.

A busy ancient walkway
The Star, 02 May 2014

It is indubitably the oldest and most traversed road in Malacca and continues to attract the largest number of visitors.

Jalan Kota can be traced to the Fortaleza de Malaca (Fort of Malacca) of the Portuguese era as its stretch more or less delineates the inner walkway of the once impregnable citadel.

After conquering Malacca in 1511, the Portuguese built a temporary wooden rampart to secure the city but soon after, started building a stronger stone and mortar structure extending from the riverfront to the foot of St Paul’s Hill, facing the sea.

It was called the A Famosa — a name still being erroneously used to identify the Santiago gateway, Malacca’s most famous landmark.

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