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Myanmar requests India’s assistance for translating a Bagan-period inscription discovered last year that dates to the reign of King Sawlu.

Set in stone: Myanmar asks for help decoding tablet
Myanmar Times, 24 April 2014

The Ministry of Culture has requested the help of Indian archaeologists to translate a recently discovered stone inscription that they believe is the oldest so far found in Myanmar.

U Kyaw Oo Lwin, director general of the ministry’s Department of Archaeology, National Museum and Library, said local experts have already deciphered around 60 percent of the tablet, which was found in Paytaw Monastery in Mandalay Region’s Myittha township in November 2013.

The inscription includes at least four languages, of which epigraphists have deciphered all of the Mon and Pali text and about 10 percent of the Pyu characters. A copy of text in the Nagari writing system used in northern India and Nepal has been sent to the Archaeological Survey of India for deciphering, U Kyaw Oo Lwin said.

Full story here.

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  1. Please do check with Tamil archaeologists from South India. Because the Pali /Myanma Scripts had originated from Pallava -TAMIL scripts

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