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Liz Price writes about the various rock art sites found in Malaysia, including Gua Tambun, the Niah Caves, Gua Badak and the newly-discovered Merapoh caves.

Source: The Star 20140322

Source: The Star 20140322

Gua Badak: Cave art from the past
The Star, 22 March 2014

Apart from the pre-historic drawings, there are examples of modern “rock art”. These are thought to have been done by the Orang Asli, maybe 100 years ago. The best known of these are at Gua Badak in Lenggong, Perak. These charcoal drawings depict everyday happenings, such as a monkey climbing a coconut tree, people fishing, animals such as a horse and turtles, mats with patterns, and even cars.

Sadly, these drawings have really faded over the years; today, it is hard to see them clearly. Also the hill has been quarried, resulting in many fallen boulders in front of the rock face. Gua Badak is now part of the Lenggong World Heritage Site, but visitors are often disappointed with the sorry state of the place.

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