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The Arts Minister in Sri Lanka has called for maritime archeaology to be taught as a seperate course of study at university level, owing to the number of underwater archaeological finds in the waters of Sri Lanka.

Call to introduce maritime archaeology as separate course of study
Galle Daily News, 27 March 2013

Sri Lanka possesses an outstanding history of maritime archeology which has earned global reputation and recognition. The Southern coastal belt has been identified as a region rich with maritime archeological resources, Culture and the Arts Minister T B Ekanayake said.

“We have embarked on a vital mission of educating schoolchildren and university students on various themes of this maritime science. However I feel that as a long time process, maritime archaeology should be introduced to our university system as a separate course of study,” he said.

The minister was speaking at the ‘Samudraka Maritime Archeology Symposium and Exhibition – 2013’ jointly organised by the Maritime Archeology Unit and Maritime Archeology Museum and Central Cultural Fund Galle Project at Halle de Galle.

Full story here.

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