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The Vietnam National Museum of History in Hanoi is hosting an exhibition on ancient lamps.

Dong Son Lamp, Tuoi Tre News 20130203

Dong Son Lamp, Tuoi Tre News 20130203

Ancient lamps light up museum space
Tuoi Tre News, 03 February 2013

Vietnamese ancient lamps on display in Hanoi at the Vietnam National Museum of History provide an introduction to the historical significance of the lamp and demonstrations on how to use and make them.

In Vietnam , the lamp has been made for thousands of years. It is not only used for daily life such as lighting, heating and cooking, but also for rites and religious activities – an important object in the worshipping space of the Vietnamese people.

The exhibition presents 50 objects, spanning 2,500 years up to the early 20th century. The lamp in a kneeling human shape (Dong Son culture, dating from 2,500 years ago) has been certified as one of Vietnam ‘s National Treasures.

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