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A researcher has decoded an ancient Vietnamese script, a result of 50 years of work.

Ancient Vietnamese decoded, Vietnam Net 20130131

Ancient Vietnamese decoded, Vietnam Net 20130131

Ancient Vietnamese writing decoded
Vietnam Net, 31 January 2013

On January 29, researcher Do Van Xuyen launched the book “A journey to find Ancient Vietnamese writing” in Hanoi and talked with other researchers of ancient Vietnamese writing.

In “A journey to find Ancient Vietnamese writing,” author Do Van Xuyen attempts to decode an ancient Vietnamese writing system – the writing of a brilliant civilization from the dynasty of the Hung Kings who built up the Van Lang Country.

The book, consisting 120 pages, proved that the Vietnamese had a writing system from the Hung Kings period. He also pointed out the educational map in this period, the list of teachers in Hung King dynasty, some ancient Vietnamese books stored at Son La Museum and other objects kept throughout the world, like the Bronze drum of Vietnam formally displayed at the Museum of Paris (France).

Full story here.

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