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The Da Nang Museum plays host to the collections of nine private collectors, featuring some 150 artefacts from Vietnam’s past.

Champa bronzes, 4-5th century CE. Vietnam Net 20121117

Champa bronzes, 4-5th century CE. Vietnam Net 20121117

150 rare artifacts from Da Nang
Vietnam Net, 17 November 2012

Antique collectors of Da Nang City have introduced 150 rare artifacts from the Ly -Tran dynasties to the Nguyen dynasty, which give the viewers a multi-dimensional view of the cultural life of Vietnamese people over thousands of years.

On November 15, the Da Nang Museum opened the exhibition of nine antique collectors in this coastal city. This is the first time an exhibition of antiquities held in Da Nang. The collectors also donated their precious antiques to the museum for the purpose of serving visitors.

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