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A report on how some restoration works in Vietnam have inflated price tags to pay for “commissions” or kickbacks.

The One-Pillar Temple in Hanoi, Vietnam Net 20121030

The One-Pillar Temple in Hanoi, Vietnam Net 20121030

Relic restoration: The opportunity to make money
Vietnam News, 30 October 2012

A well-known architect, who has participated in many monument restoration projects, says that officials of some localities are only interested in “commission” and they do not have good attitude to relic restoration.

Architect Ly Truc Dung says many foreign funds want to invest in cultural projects in Vietnam but they are not licensed because foreign investors never pay “commissions.”

“Some local officials asked me to calculate funding for relic restoration projects. Once, after making a calculation, I offered the amount of VND1.5 billion ($70,000) but they asked me to raise the figure to VND11 billion ($500,000),” Dung says.

Architect Ly Truc Dung said that if local leaders lack a sense of responsibility and good behavior, there is no way to preserve legacy. He said, if they are interested in is to get the money “commission.”

Full story here.

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