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This feature from Vietnam Net highlights various heritage properties in the countries that have been improperly ‘restored’, sometimes using inauthentic materials, sometimes demolished and rebuilt from scratch.

Restorations at Va Temple in Hanoi, Vietnam Net 20121029

Restorations at Va Temple in Hanoi, Vietnam Net 20121029

Destroying legacy for restoration!
Vietnam Net, 29 October 2012

In recent years, many localities have restored historical and cultural relics. However, many architectural and cultural works of the ancestors have been destroyed without mercy, because of the so-called restoration.

Around 50 km west of Hanoi is Va temple, the most sacred place of Thanh Tan Vien Son mountain. The temple is located in a pristine forest, with about 420 ancient ironwood trees of 1,000 years old. The temple is surrounded by a 3m tall wall of laterite, making the temple a serious and intensive closed site. However, this ancient wall was destroyed to make way for vehicles carrying construction materials for the restoration and embellishment. Earlier, in 2009, this temple was rebuilt.

Full story here.

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