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A feature on the Tomb of Emperor Tu Du, one of the many attractions in the imperial city of Hue.

Thanh Nien News, 20120611

Thanh Nien News, 20120611

A royal tomb: then and now
Thanh Nien News, 11 June 2012

Emperor Tu Duc’s Tomb in Hue provides a unique spot from which to view both distant and recent history.

Tu Duc, who reigned from 1847 to 1883, had hundreds of wives but no children after a case of small pox left him impotent.

It took three years (1864-1867) to build his tomb, which is divided into a Temple Area and a Tomb Area, including a few small lakes.

The old gate and the tomb are still mostly in their original form and the complex’s buildings and landscape were designed as a harmony between beauty and practicality, as the emperor actually lived his daily life here before he passed away.

Tu Duc was known as a poet and poem-lover, and he would often boat on Luu Khiem Lake to Du Khiem Pavilion on Tinh Khiem Islet. There, he would fish and enjoy the serenity. He could also take a rest at Xung Khiem Pavilion, where he recited and composed poetry in the company of his concubines.

Full story here.

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