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A month-long exhibition is underway at the University of San Carlos Museum featuring the trade ceramics from Japan to the Philippines.

Japanese ceramics at USC Museum
Philippine Inquirer, 29 February 2012

The University of San Carlos (USC) Museum, in cooperation with the Sumitomo Foundation of Japan, opened last Feb. 22 a month-long exhibition titled “Japanese Ceramics: From Imari to Cebu” at its Institutional gallery.

Dr. Takenori Nogami, an expert on the trade in the 17th-18th century ceramics out of Japan, was the guest of honor.
Nogami, who arrived from Japan courtesy of The Japan Foundation-Manila, delivered a lecture tracing the development of porcelain production in Japan and the resultant export of Hizen porcelain to specific places in Asia, Africa, Latin America and Europe in the 17th century.

An archaeologist based at the Arita Folk and History Museum in Kyushu, Nogami also discussed the significance of three Japanese porcelain pieces excavated in Boljoon town, southern Cebu in 2009 by Jojo R. Bersales of USC and Sandy de Leon of the National Museum. The three pieces were loaned from the Boljoon Parish Museum for the exhibit opening.

Full story here.

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  1. I find the Jomon Ceramics to be of utmost importance, although I cannot fathom why many scholars tend to sideline this. It has much to do with the Ainu, and their migratory paths.
    They can be found up till the islands south of Hawaii, if memory serves me correctly…

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