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An archaeological gallery will be set up for the Guar Kepah site in Penang, a Neolithic shell midden site. It appears that the shell middens were also used as burial mounds.

Guar Kepah excavation, The Sun 20120227

Guar Kepah excavation, The Sun 20120227

New gallery to showcase 6,000-year-old culture
The Sun, 27 February 2012

A new archaeological gallery being developed by Penang authorities at a prehistoric site unearthed in northern Seberang Perai, with showcase a culture that existed about 6,000 years ago.

Researchers had begun fresh excavations at the site, located beside a paddy field, around early 2010.

They found evidences of a cultured early human settlement, with giant middens (hills) of sea-shells used as tombs by a coastal tribe or civilisation.

The Guar Kepah midden was originally six metres high, but only the bottom layer about a metre high remained when excavations began.

The CGAR team managed to unearth numerous objects like pottery and ornaments, as well as human bones and teeth, which will be displayed at the gallery.

Full story here.

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