Prehistoric remains and earthenware have been discovered in a cave in Bohol province in Central Philippines, although it looks as if treasure hunters may already have gotten there first!

Prehistoric relics unearthed at Loay cavern, officials say
The Bohol Standard, 05 February 2012

Prehistoric artifacts, including a human skull and earthen wares, have been dug up at Sukgang Cavern, barangay Tayong of this town, by archeologists of Philippine National Museum, which, if after carbon dating process could prove that Bohol island was once inhabited by ancient people during or even before Christ’s time.

Municipal councilor Hermes Entero of this historical town bared this during an exclusive interview yesterday at his residence of Bool, Tagbilaran City. His revelation is corroborated by curator Charlemeine Titangco, officer-in-charge of National Museum Bohol branch in this city.

Philippine National Museum (PNM) archeologist Ame Garong also confirmed the ancient finds but the relics were now at the Manila National Museum for more study. She said in her e-mail reply to this writer that the NM would soon conduct a full-blown archeological digging at the site to determine the richness of the cavern, which is just a few meters across the national highway near the border of Lila town.

Full story here.

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  1. Gentically, they’ve been inhabited since the “Orang Asli’s” have been there. They’re called the Aeta. I visited some of them not far from Pinatubo 2 years ago…

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