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I briefly mentioned this at my last post about the Belitung Shipwreck – The Tang Treasures are now on display at the Asian Civilisations Museum in Singapore until July.

ACM showcases Tang Dynasty artefacts from 8th century shipwreck
Channel NewsAsia, 23 January 2012

A tale of two kingdoms lost to the world for more than 1,200 years was uncovered from a shipwreck only some 14 years ago and these treasures from the Tang Dynasty are now being showcased at the Asian Civilisations Museum, including a few pieces never before seen by the world.

These treasures, which have been submerged in the ocean for 1,200 years, have now gotten a new look and some are encrusted with corals and barnacles.

Curator Kan Shuyi said: “When people look at some of these objects, they may feel that they look quite in pristine condition. That was partly because of the way they were packed. But these have actually been under the sea for actually a millennium. In a way, the marine encrustation added another kind of beauty to these objects.”

Full story here.

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