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Archaeologists have unearthed a large metal age cemetery, with at least 35 individuals, thought to be from the Bronze or Iron age in the Mandalay region of Myanmar.

Burial in Gyogon Village, Pyawbwe Township. Myanmar Times 20111212-18

Pre-Pyu era remains uncovered in Pyawbwe township
The Myanmar Times, 12-18 December 2011

An archaeological dig in central Myanmar has uncovered a bounty of human remains, including at least 35 uncremated individuals thought to date from the Bronze or Iron Age, a spokesperson from the Department of Archeology, National Museum and Library said last week.

Excavation work began at the site, near Gyogon village in Mandalay Region’s Pyawbwe township, on November 2. The dig, led by the department’s assistant director for Mandalay, U Aung Aung Kyaw, also includes Dr Jean-Pierre Pautreau from the National Center for Scientific Research at Rennes University 1 in France.

Forty-six sets of remains have been found so far, with 35 confirmed as human, including six almost complete skeletons. Seven were found buried in pots, while three were in wooden coffins. One wore a bronze bracelet on the left forearm and a necklace decorated with eyeteeth. Another significant discovery was the remains of three individuals encased in lime.

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