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Archaeologists in Sri Lanka excavate a prehistoric settlement in the central hills. The finds suggest that people in prehistoric times live in the highlands before environmental conditions forced them to move to the lower plains.

Lankan research team discover prehistoric man
TruthDive, 04 November 2011

A Sri Lankan archaeological and excavating team led by Professor Raj Somadeva has announced the discovery of a prehistoric human settlement near Haldummulla town, 835 metres above sea level on the Southern Platform of central hills.

According to Professor Somadeva, the prehistoric settlement is about 3000 years old and showcases the transition from hunting to agriculture.

The stone tools and graves uncovered in Ranchamadama and Haldummulla represent more or less the same period, yet the fragments of pottery and stone tools and other archaeological evidence discovered in Ranchamadama in 2009 prove that Sri Lankan prehistoric man migrated from higher Haldummulla to lower Ranchamadama later.

Full story here.

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