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Malaysia’s oldest skeleton Bewah Man may not be a ‘man’ after all, as researchers have not yet been able to ascertain the gender of the 16,000-year-old remains.

Bewah Man display at the Terengganu State Museum, The Star 20111009

Bewah Man may be a woman
The Star, 09 October 2011

Local experts are working hard to decipher the mystery of the 16,000 years old “Bewah Man” currently kept under lock and key in the Terengganu Museum here.

Believed to be the oldest skeleton ever found in the country, the remains are being given the “five-star” treatment by the state government while 15 archaeologists and scientists toil daily to unlock its mystery.

To date, the local researchers have yet to verify the gender of the remains, which were discovered two years ago in Gua Bewah near Tasik Kenyir.

Full story here.

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