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Stone tools, thought to be from the palaeolithic, have been discovered in northern Sri Lanka. They seem to be excavated 30 years ago, but studies had been halted because of conflict.

Palaeolithic Period stone weapons found in Jaffna
Sti Lanka Daily News, 03 October 2011

Some stone weapons belonging to the Palaeolithic period have been unearthed in the Jaffna peninsula. This has also been assessed by Dr Shiran Deraniyagale, an expert on the pre-historic period, Deputy Archaeological Director Dr Nimal Perera told the Daily News.

“Evidence has been found pertaining to the Palaeolithic period in locations in South India, South Asia and Africa.

However, this is the first time in Sri Lanka’s history that such objects have been found relating to the Palaeolithic period in the country,” he said.

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