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Archaeologists in Vietnam are currently excavating a 9th century brick tower in Southern Vietnam.

The Vinh Hung Tower in Bac Lieu Province, Vietnam Net Bridge 20110928

Oldest tower in southwestern region excavated
Vietnam Net Bridge, 28 September 2011

Archaeologists unearthed many rare antiques in the campus of Vinh Hung tower in the southern province of Bac Lieu in a previous excavation. They have returned to the site on September 22, to continue researching the tower which is the only preserved in the southwestern region.

Vinh Hung tower was discovered by a French archaeologist in 1911. The southern authorities ranked it 14th in the list of relics of south Vietnam.

Many French archaeologists discovered many worshipping items there during 1911-1959 period. One of the steles founded at the tower has Phan scriptsof Khmer people, noting the name of King Yacovan Man and Karhila month, equivalent to 892 BC.

Archaeologists said that Vinh Hung tower does not stand alone. It must be built with other residential works, which have been ruined.

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