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Bernama has a feature on Malaysian shipwrecks, in conjunction with a current exhibition showcasing finds from 13 shipwrecks found in their local waters.

Showcase Of Treasures On Display From 13 Shipwrecks (Part 1)
Tales From Sunken Ships In Malaysian Waters (Part 2)
Bernama, 29 August 2011

Seafarers from all over the world have sailed through the waters of Malay archipelago for centuries.

Some of their vessels succumbed to inclement weather, leaks or attack and ended at the bottom of the sea.

Many came from China, the Middle East, as well as within the Malay archipelago.

“The ship wrecks are like time capsules, each with their own tales to tell,” National Museum director-general Datuk Ibrahim Ismail told Bernama after holding a news conference on the exhibition entitled ‘The Miracle of Shipwreck Treasures,’ at the National Museum here recently.

Full story here and here.

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