The Bewah Man, thought to be the oldest skeletal remains found in Malaysia, is to be the focus in an upcoming conference to be held at the Terengganu State Museum. The Bewah Man is dates to approximately 13,400 years old.

Bewah Man To Be Focus Of Terengganu Archeology Seminar
Bernama, 28 August 2011

Bewah Man, the skeleton said to be 13400 years old, will be the focus of Terengganu Archaeology Seminar and Exhibition here on Sept 25. Terengganu Museum Board Assistant Curator Azuan Haron said the exhibition seek to disseminate chronology of historical and cultural information on the state via discoveries and artefacts.

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4 Replies to “Malaysian archaeology conference to focus on Bewah Man find”

  1. Have any scientific reports been published yet? It’s interesting as when the skeletal remains were first reported in the media, estimates put the age at 8,000 and 11,000 years old. Then a month later (Mar 10) they were are confirmed to be 16,000 years old. Now in Aug 11 they are said to be 13,400 years old.

  2. A report was published few months ago in a local proceeding and the skeleton from Bewah is now dated to 13,400 +/- 60 by the charcoal sample (Beta 273319).

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