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Apart from Thailand’s abrupt departure from the Unesco World Heritage Convention, the other big news from the World Heritage Meeting this year is the inclusion of a new site from Vietnam – the Ho Citadel, a 14th century site of a dynasty that lasted for only 7 years!

Ho Citadel, Thanh Hoa Province

Citadel of the Ho Dynasty
Unesco Description

Sites in Ethiopia, Kenya and Viet Nam inscribed on UNESCO’s World Heritage List
Unesco News, 27 June 2011

Ho Dynasty Citadel now World Heritage
VOV News, 28 June 2011

Ho Dynasty Citadel becomes world cultural heritage
Vietnam Net Bridge, 28 June 2011

Brief Description by Unesco:

The 14th -century Ho Dynasty citadel, built according to the feng shui principles, testifies to the flowering of neo-Confucianism in late 14th century Viet Nam and its spread to other parts of east Asia. According to these principles it was sited in a landscape of great scenic beauty on an axis joining the Tuong Son and Don Son mountains in a plain between the Ma and Buoi rivers. The citadel buildings represent an outstanding example of a new style of south-east Asian imperial city.

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