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One of the better-known rock art sites in Vietnam is the field of engraved boulders located in Sa Pa in Vietnam’s northern Lao Cai province. In neighbouring Ha Giang Province, another set of engraved boluders have been found in the last decade – this is the Nam Dan rock field.

Nam Dan rock field in Ha Giang Province, Vietnam Net Bridge 20110601

Enigmatic ancient rock field in Ha Giang
Vietnam Net Bridge, 01 June 2011

The Nam Dan ancient rock field in the northern mountainous province of Ha Giang is a tourist attraction for those who love exploration.

About 16 km from the centre of Xin Man district, Ha Giang province; the ancient rock field lies in the middle of a valley in Nung Ma Lu’s hamlet.

It is surrounded with terraced fields and milpa of the Nung ethnic people. Here remains a lot of historical relics, such as letters and symbols carved in rocks.

The local people in Nam Dan Commune call this ancient rock area “Na Lai”, which means “fields of writing characters”. It is a unique vestige with a century-old history which has been ranked as a national vestige. It is also a destination of tourists to contemplate the cultural quintessence of the ancient people.

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